Friday, February 06, 2009


First, the good. I thought these triangle parts I did a while back turned out cute. Easy enough, too.

This first attempt at cornrows . . . not so much. Must be my extra thumbs.

I know practice makes perfect, though. I'll have to keep trying.

Anyone have links to a good cornrow tutorial with pictures and/or video? How did you learn? Teach me, O skilled ones.


Anonymous said...

wow I LOVE the triangle parts! i'm impressed. and pretty good cornrows, too, I must say.

Selah said...

I am so impressed! Her hair looks fun and very cute. I think you did an outstanding job. WOW!!!
Kimberly from Portland who wishes she could do this:0

Anonymous said...

Oh my darling! So fun!

Anila said...

I searched the www...but could not find you a free instruction video.
This is a very good explanation, hope it will get you a bit farther.
Indeed pratice makes perfect.
One tip from me: as you do more braids you will see that you get the hang of it, redo the first braids than!
Lots of succes!