Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Tired. Period.

There's this old worship song that starts "I am so tired..." We are singing it--stopping there.

So tired. Period.

Aaron has his usual busyness plus he is preaching this week. Friday is usually his day off but he thinks he still needs to polish his sermon a bit.

I have lots of editing work calling, but I have been cleaning the house top to bottom. Scrubbing cupboards. Touching up paint. Washing windows and sills. Organizing closets. I even found an old oak desk under stacks of paper in my office. Who knew? Archaeological analysis indicates the surface may have sat untouched for two to three years.

I still have to clean up our bedroom and clean out the closet. Blaaaaaah. I will probably do it tonight, though, because a real estate agent is meeting us here tomorrow about getting this place listed. I mean sold! He told me on the phone that sales are down about 45 percent from last year (in volume, not price), so we have to be competitive if we want to sell it, not just list it. And we need to sell. Thus my compulsion to make a good first impression on him and every potential buyer.

Meanwhile, I have determined that we need to either move or have an adoption home study every two years. It's the only way this place gets whipped into shape!


Marc and Gretchen said...

I need some pressing engagement to make me clean - really clean - my house too. That's why I periodically schedule church meetings or youth groups, or showers at my house. It's the only way it happens. Hope things go well with listing!

pmfh said...

Oh, good -- I vote for a nephew next, since moving sucks, but cousins are cool... ;O

Anonymous said...

Please, please do not make me choose between these wonderful options!!

WMW said...

Mom, either you are delusional or you are setting up some kind of endowment I don't know about!

Anonymous said...

Guess I'd better really clean this place--our financial advisor will be over!

RMMcDowell said...

How did the meeting go with the realtor?