Sunday, June 24, 2007

Big A, Little A

The Big A, Aaron, is slowly getting his energy back up and his pain and narcotics down. He generally feels pretty good during the day, although he tires very easily. He also has this weird hot/cold thing going on. During the day he is down to just Tylenol, but at night he has more pain and needs prescription meds. Please keep praying for less pain and better sleep . . . especially since the doctor didn't want to give us the A-OK for Ethiopia until after he's off his pain meds. Meanwhile, though, our agency is planning an embassy date for us. I feel weird and sneaky again being half-committed, half-waiting. I hope we can have a conversation with the doctor early next week (before he is out of town) and he says it's okay to move forward. 'Cuz I'd hate to have to disobey him, but I need to buy tickets.

Meanwhile Little A, Anna, is going on with the business of growing up. Specifically, up to 11 pounds 10 ounces and 22.8 inches. Apparently she got shorter since her last measurement (23 1/2 inches)--or, more likely, she likes to squirm. Someday she'll even fit in her sweaters.

A big thank-you to Joyce and Rick for keeping me company and helping us out during all this! Hope you are back on the right time zone and enjoying that big wannabe-ocean of yours.


~Hippie~ said...

First post, back on track!
On a side note, one that's around 6' 6", I certainly will keep the prayer up for him, as I can't stand the thought of your embassy stuff getting all set in place, then thrown into the Doctor's lap and altered (to some extent) at his will.
And I pray for Lil' A to keep growing... but not too much. I swear, if she catches up with Fatty, you will have one hell of a time changing diapers.
I'm just sayin...

And I love you all.

Josh ~Hippie~

Chuck and Jenny said...

Thanks for the update Wendy! I've been wondering about you all!

Gretchen said...

your last post and this post made me cry (could be my crazy hormones). The pictures of Anna are beautiful and I am praying for the okay to go get your precious daugher.

paige said...

Um, don't you have some good news to share with the class? Come on, tell already!!!!

And hooray--I'm SO happy for you!