Thursday, June 07, 2007

Recovery Report: Day 2

Aaron was doing very well today. We did not get in to see him until about 11:00 because I apparently do not know how to work a standard hotel alarm clock. By then he was sitting in a chair for the second time of the day, which they make him do because it is good for his circulation to move a little and be in a different position. He was much more awake and had a few less things plugged into him. We sat and watched him doze off every couple of minutes for about an hour, then left so he could get back in bed and sleep better.

We went back in at around 2:30. The nice nurse guy (and you thought the girl was cute? lordy!) had taken another IV line out and resettled him, but then they came to do a chest x-ray. Aaron had to have his pillows move and be leaned forward twice, and then when they resettled him on the pillows, he was uncomfortable and felt some pain, which seemed to make him very anxious. A change of position a few minutes later and some more meds seemed to help, but it was kind of rough seeing him go through that. Once he settled down we left him to rest again.

Before we went off for dinner we came in and he was in the chair again and listening to music, which will hopefully start helping the time pass. He is so groggy that he can't stay awake, even for a few minutes of conversation, but he only sleeps for a couple minutes before he wakes up--looks at the clock--I only slept one minute?! Time is frustratingly slow for him right now.

At about 8:00 we came by and said goodnight--he just wanted to sleep. They are keeping him in the ICU again tonight just so they can watch him closely, but all his vitals numbers are great, his breathing into the plastic thingy is great, and so on. He should move to a regular room in the morning, and I think the physical therapist may try to get him on his feet.

Time to rest. This is going to be a marathon.


paige said...

Thanks for the newest update--sorry Aaron was so groggy. I remember that feeling when I had surgery--time crept by, but I couldn't fill it with anything significant because I kept dozing--each day was better than the last though.

Good wishes all around.

Your favorite Pulaski said...

This is good news. You continue to have my prayers.

Kevin said...

This sounds good. I'm glad it is going well. We are still praying.
Kroondyk - Out

Lisa said...

Wendy - you may have had trouble with that alarm clock, but I imagine the rest did you good. I'll continue to keep you guys both in my thoughts. :)

Gretchen said...

thanks for the update. you're in my prayers!