Tuesday, June 26, 2007

GO for Travel!

Addis, we are GO for travel!

This morning I called Aaron's surgeon's assistant (who is, as she would say, FAN-tas-tic) and explained that our agency had an embassy date for us and although I wanted to be so excited as she suggested, I really wanted the big doc's A-OK before I bought airplane tickets. She checked with the doctor and called back in an hour and said "Buy your tickets!" YES!*

We are looking at leaving on July 13 and returning on the 21st. Can you say holy cow that's only 2 1/2 weeks from now!? And #&^!@* the tickets cost how much?

Baby girl is coming home!

* I would like to revoke the love I spontaneously pledged to a certain surgeon, although I will let my professed love for the assistant stand.


Pulaski said...

Excellent news. One word of advice: purchase a neck pillow for the long plane ride.

Gretchen said...

WOW! OH my goodness, this is so exciting! If you guys were here you would see me literally jumping in my seat out of excitment! I love you both and I'm praying!

Stacie said...

That is so exciting! And soon!! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about your travels!

Katy said...

Wonderful! I'm so excited for you!

Laura said...

Awesome! That is so exciting- can't wait to meet the newest member of the family! I swear, she gets cuter with every picture!

~Hippie~ said...

Here these ppl are again... always beating me to the first post.
I'll make them realize their folly someday, but for now, I digress.
Congratulations doesn't seem like it'll properly cover it, so I'll drop by sometime and congratulate you guys in person.
That seems like the way to go about it.
Regardless, I'm unnaturally happy for you guys, and I can't imagine a better bit of news to get right now.
God has definitely come through for you guys in the best way possible.
Just a thought...
Now you'll be able to call Ana "Click-Click Junior" and Aaron "Click-Click Senior".

Love you Wendy,
Josh ~Hippie~