Monday, June 18, 2007

Hanging at Home

It is good to be home, and we have been out and about a bit too. On Saturday Joyce and I went to the Beachcomber Days parade and walked around town a bit in the perfect weather. Sunday we had worship outside in front of the church and then a BBQ to benefit the scholarship fund. Aaron made it down for the BBQ.

After a couple hours home recharging we all went into town for our favorite cultural event, the bed races. Sadly, only two entries. Young Life has got to get a team together next year. Briggs can build an aerodynamic pirate ship/iPod/slingshot or some such elaborate craft. But I digress.

Aaron's energy level is obviously up, although I think I hear some, uh, "relaxed breathing" coming from the recliner again now. His pain levels are definitely down during the day, but he still has trouble staying comfortable and sleeping at night. Keep praying for sleep, please.

With this summer weather and no work, I feel like I'm on some sort of unauthorized summer vacation. I haven't even cooked, thanks to church folk. I am ready to tackle my to-do lists, packing lists, shopping lists, and household disaster zones.

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~Hippie~ said...

Praise the lawd!
I'll stop by now and again to make sure fatty doesn't stop being witty, despite his lack of motion.
Pizza sometime: definitely.
Tell him that we should do Small Group at his place on Sunday after church.
That way, Dylan can make it.
Shayla gets back on thursday, but Dylan works every day but weekends.
Saturday, I'm washing windows for the Hutson's (Remember my dues for the Mexico trip? Late payment.)
So Sunday will work best for everyone.
Except may be Aaron.
See what he thinks about it.
Oh yea, one more thing.
I love you guys like whoa.

Josh ~Hippie~