Friday, June 08, 2007

Recovery Report: Day 3

Today was tiring and anxious for Aaron. He is out of the anesthesia making him tired, but he still has no energy and is tired by even the smallest movements. This morning they took out a lot of his monitors and lines, which was somewhat painful. They were getting him ready to move out of ICU, so they were doing something or he was anticipating them doing something to him soon all morning. He was getting little rest in there so he was already really tired.

They moved him at about 12:30 and it was rough on him. They had to change connections, recheck all his vitals, ask him questions, and remove the foot of the bed because he's too tall (it's too short). He felt nauseous after the move and one of the widgets attached to him kept beeping and eventually had to be replaced. I think the whole move not only wore him out but also made him feel less secure with less monitoring him--even though he moved because he's doing well and he doesn't need all that stuff and to be watched constantly any more. The nurse now can monitor his signs from wherever she goes, so he should sleep better tonight with far fewer interruptions.

So he did not get up out of bed at all today, although he did eat a bit and was definitely moving his arms and legs around more while in bed. Joyce and Rick and I took turns being in the room and out and about; Janice and Terry came by and Terry and I rode the new tram down the hill just to get out and enjoy the view. However, of course I missed the surgeon's stop by to see Aaron, but he did more reassuring Aaron he's doing well than giving new information. We are getting there earlier tomorrow so we see him on his morning rounds.

After dinner Aaron was sleeping more deeply and didn't even wake when we came by, so we left him to rest. They will make him get up in the chair in the morning and throughout the day and perhaps also walk around. Tomorrow will be a work day, so please pray for strength, energy, motivation, and, uh, shall we say obedience for Aaron as the nurses and therapists push him to do more.


Kim Pasion said...

Glad to hear he was moved out of ICU. We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Try to get some rest too Wendy. Kim & Chris

Anila said...

This part is hard ;for you can see the progress but also how hard it is for him to do the most easy thing ....
It is nice to read that he could sleep , a deep sleep!

You favorite Pulaski said...

Good news! Please keep the updates coming.

~Hippie~ said...

Next time he wakes up and is mildly coherent, please let him know that I can't stop loving him and praying for his recovery.
And I'm sorry that I can't come up on Sunday. I told him I would show up, and that may not happen.
I'm still trying hard, so let me know ( when it's alright to show up.
I'll do my best.

Love ya Wendy,
Josh ~Hippie~

Melissa a.k.a Missi said...

Wendy! I heard about Aaron's! I am praying for you both!! And then i heard about the baby!!!!! email me:

i am not quite sure how this whole blogger thing work yet!!!!!

paige said...

Change is good, change is hard. I'm so glad Aaron is making progress.