Saturday, June 16, 2007

Settling In

We are settling in at home. The first night Aaron had a hard time getting comfortable in bed. Every 20 minutes we were trying a different arrangement of pillows and I thought, Will I ever sleep again? Tell me this is not preparation for how our baby will (not) sleep. Eventually we got it right, though, and for the rest of the night and last night we were only up every couple of hours (well, at least I was--I suspect Aaron was up more).

Friday Aaron had to get his blood checked here in town, and I had more errands to run in the afternoon. Then we had a period where I think all three of us were napping. I think I am slowly getting caught up on sleep, and Aaron's pain seems to be slightly less, although it comes and goes, and when it comes, it's not fun. As my brain slowly defogs, I will have more thoughtful blog posts, but I know you only really care about what's below anyway: new pictures of beautiful, alert, smiling, giggling Anna!


~Hippie~ said...

You're right.
I do only care about the baby.
So next time...
Can you just keep the topic focused please?
But keep talking about other things as well.
Otherwise, I'll fall behind in "Wetzel up-to-date info"
Required for my life.

Josh ~Hippie~

RMMcDowell said...

She really is so, so beautiful. But Aaron's meds must be making him crazy. She's NOT more beautiful than Ellie. A VERY close second, but not more beautiful. :)

I love you.

Gretchen said...

What a beautiful daughter! I am so glad to hear you're home!