Saturday, June 09, 2007

Recovery Report: Day 4

Today was better for Aaron, although the morning was still rough. The only thing he has left in him besides an IV is the chest tubes for drainage. They are really sensitive and hurt like anything if pulled or bumped wrong. Apparently he hadn't slept well and this morning he was having some pain before we arrived, so he was not exactly in the mood for the occupational therapist. But he did everything she wanted and moved to sit in the chair.

After he was back in bed they came to take him for a chest x-ray to see if he could get the tubes out. The surgeon came by at that point so we saw him. He mentioned that he might be able to "get out of here" Monday or Tuesday--although they decided the chest tubes needed to stay in another day, so I'm not sure. But he's definitely on track, doing well overall.

The x-ray trip was no fun though, so it took him some time to get settled down and feeling okay again. He ate lunch, said hi to Terry and Janice, at some point he stood up for a bit, he tried to nap in the afternoon, and before dinner they got him in the chair again. He was definitely much more relaxed and waking less easily by the afternoon. Nurse Micah is super nice.

We came back after our dinner and he was sleeping, but soon the night nurse had to check some things and give him meds. She agreed that after that she would bug him only at midnight and 5:00 a.m. when she had to check again. Then Aaron was really cute seeming to want to get everything off his bedtime to-do list, like taking his medicine and deliberately brushing his teeth and getting everything where he wanted it, before lights out. I think he will sleep much better tonight as he is much more relaxed.

Sunday's prayer request: that the chest tubes can get out but the pain is not too bad in the process. I think he will be much more confident to try moving more without fear of pulling them.

Thanks, friends.


Your favorite Pulaski said...

Good news, thank you for the updates.

~Hippie~ said...

I'll make sure to put the prayer request in at Church today if someone doesn't beat me too it.

<3333 you guys,
Josh ~Hippie~

The Reinink's said...

Aaron & Wendy,

We continue to pray for a quick recovery! We are amazed you are sitting up and moving around. What great news at the possibility of getting released! I hope there is a picture of your daughter for you to focus on. Looking at God's gift will help you recover. Know we love you and are praying!