Monday, June 11, 2007

Recovery Report: Day 6

Ugh. Aaron had a horrible night last night and a pretty darn bad morning too. He was pretty worked up when we got there about how bad the pain was in the night and still was. He was really scared something was really wrong. They had kicked up his pain meds by then but he couldn't seem to get comfortable and the on-call doctor had Dr. Slater come by. He did not seem to think there probably was a problem, but Aaron was going to have a chest x-ray anyway and it would show a couple of possibilities if they were going on. Joyce and I talked with the nurse quite a bit about what was going on and what they were doing for him. She was great not only with him but also with us in taking time to talk and being understanding that today, I was losing it. I didn't think anything to serious was wrong, but it was hard to have left him doing so great Sunday and come back and see him in agony and so scared.

Thankfully, pretty soon between the meds and him relaxing a bit, he started feeling better. He was up in his room quite a bit and able to humor the occupational therapist. Finally at about 4:15 they came to take him to the x-ray--by then he thought he might walk but I said, umm, how far is it? He did go for his first walk around the hall before he had dinner though.

The night nurses seem to be slower so he didn't get his shower until about 9:00, and there's a lot of fiddling around with things that makes it take a long time. He wanted to take a walk in the hall after that so hey, I wasn't going to stop him. After that he still didn't want his sleeping pill (God bless the inventors of that pill) but once I'd gotten everything he could possibly want at night within reach, I said, "I can't believe you're not dead tired right now." He said, "I am, actually. I'll probably go to sleep about 20 minutes after you leave." Well, I'm leaving! Hopefully by now, the Night Owl has landed.

I hope and pray that by the time you read this, Aaron will have had a good night's sleep. Please keep praying that his pain stays steadily under control and he does not get anxious when the ups and downs come. I think he will do well with his exercises, etc., as long as he does not have bad pain or the fear thereof.


Anila said...

So , I hope that this was his last rough night , mending takes time and confidence in your body ....and that is not so easy when it feels so alien.
Keep having faith and hope that today will be a brighter day.

Chuck and Jenny said...

Wendy, I don't comment on every post, but know that you and Aaron and Anna are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, we are holding not only Aaron but you too in our prayers. Take care of yourself too. God is in this with you. Rest in his peace. Stacie

paige said...

Wendy, sorry things were so scary for Aaron and for you too. I agree with Anila that mending takes both time and confidence in your body's ability to mend. Aaron has a lot of resources to draw on, I'm sure today will be a better day.

RMMcDowell said...

The pain and the not knowing are the scariest parts, I'm sure. We're praying, and our friends here are too. And we love you so, so much. Can't wait until we have time to really chat.