Sunday, June 10, 2007

Recovery Report: Day 5

Progress! Aaron did get his chest tubes out today, and boy is he glad, hallelujah and amen. That meant he also got to take a shower. He can move around much more easily and confidently without those tubes, and although the timing wasn't right for the physical therapists to get him walking in the hall today, he spent time in the chair and can go back and forth to the bathroom pretty well. So he was up for a few minutes numerous times, but he needs to get walking the halls tomorrow.

He was also noticeably more alert and chatty today--especially when he got his visit from Nancy and the teenagers I shall call Chatterbox, ShyGirl, and Hippie. He pouted yesterday when he thought they weren't coming, since apparently we do not qualify as company. He was really glad to see them and hear some news from the outside world and get the cards Nancy brought from church and our mail. Never did try the pizza Chatterbox brought, though.

Tonight we stayed until about 7:00 but did not go back after dinner--now that he was awake enough to think he'd get bored without us! But I am sure he felt tired again when he was left alone, and we'll hope for good sleep tonight. We're hoping for going home Tuesday or Wednesday; we'll see what the doc says now that we're beyond the tubes issue.

Prayers: Thankfulness that the chest tube could come out, for well wishes from friends and family, for more movement and energy. Pray for good sleep, no nausea, good oxygen and blood sugar levels (okay but still being watched), and good physical therapy--time to get walkin'!


paige said...


It's my favorite good-news update! Glad that things are speeding along. Aaron will sleep so much better at home, I hope he'll be released very soon.


~Hippie~ said...

Who's "Chatterbox"?
oh... I get it.
Ha... haha.

Josh ~Hippie~

kendra said...

So glad to hear all the good updates about Aaron! Hope you are are doing well, too, Wendy.

Love & Prayers,

Gretchen said...

awesome news about the tubes. How are YOU doing?

RMMcDowell said...

I agree with Gretchen. I also wonder when you'll be able to chat with me. Just so I can say the things that seem lame over blog comments. :)

I LOVE you.

Your Favorite Pulaski said...