Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This one's for all you spider-lovers out there. What, just my mom? Okay, all you spider-haters can also play along by telling me which ones I should whack with a shoe.

Lately I have been noticing a lot of spiders around the house. And wondering which ones are poisonous. I keep an eye on this one on the back deck every time I let the dog out. I'm pretty sure it's waiting around to eat us.

I'm also pretty sure my husband just wet himself. He goes twitching and jerking across the room in a Steve Martin/seizure kind of way yelling "Uhnnnnhgh! I hate spiders!" whenever I have to save him from one. Actually I felt pretty Uhnnnhgh taking this picture, even hiding behind my big honking telephoto lens with macro. Glad to know what that comes in handy for--taking pictures of relatively small insects of doom from a relatively safe distance.

I thought this one on the window was kind of pretty. Very bulbous.

Then I picked up the spider book in the library and thought it might be an immature black widow. Nice. No, I won't put my thumb in the photos for size reference!

I let this one live in the corner of the window by Anna's changing table for a month or more. Don't worry, I kept a close eye on him. Then yesterday, because my mom's coming and sleeping in there, I vacuumed him out. I put the vacuum in the garage, though, in case he came crawling out angry (wouldn't you be?). But today . . . he was back! And suddenly he didn't look so trustworthy. Is this a hobo spider? Well, maybe, because he took his bindle over by the trash can and I got him for sure this time. (Or so we'll say just so we can all sleep. Sorry, Mom.)

I like this fuzzy guy much better. He has a big red beard. His name is Jack.

Okay . . . sweet dreams, everybody!


enor said...

ok, pack the bags. we're moving.

Chuck and Jenny said...

Heck with the shoe whacking. You need a shotgun. And I'm with Aaron on the wetting myself. I couldn't even look at the pictures. If the spidey's big enough to make a crunchy sound when it gets whacked, the whacking is left up to someone else.

I get creative with my spider killing. Drowning, hairspray, starvation....I once trapped a tiny jumping spider underneath a baby bottle cap and let it sit there for 2 weeks to make sure it was dead. Vacuuming up and emptying the can immediately is another good way for me, but it sounds like yours was out to get you.

Ya ain't right if you describe a spider as "pretty". That's all I'm saying.

Except there goes any crazy ideas I had about living in the PNW.


Amy said...

They all deserve whacking if they are inside the house.

Anonymous said...

I say a big can of RAID!!! I don't want them coming back to haunt me at any time in the future.

Carrie said...

Ohhhh God! *****Shudder**** I may never sleep again!!

Stacie said...

I love this post! I used to let them live too, but now I'm too scared they might be poisonous and bite the baby... I wonder why I never worried about the dogs... or us?
Anyway - that one does look black-widowish but not the right colors. They found one in our garage during the home inspection before we moved in, and the guy saved it to show us. Nice.
Oh - and I had a hobo spider too! (I can't believe someone else has had that experience!)