Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Perfect 10.

She's a perfect 10 months today.

My Brilliant Sister-in-Law Piscis said that when she saw her first sonogram of their baby-not-yet-born, all she could think was "Perfect." Funny, that is exactly what I thought, felt, and said when I first saw Anna's picture on my computer screen. Perfect.

That first referral photo sits framed on a shelf, and if I carry her by it and she sees herself, she is transfixed. "Oh! Who's that beautiful baby?" I say. "That's you--Anna!" She smiles and says Heeeee.

Perfect then, perfect now.

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RMMcDowell said...

Amen. We still have one of Ellie's ultra sound pictures framed by our TV. Need to get a frame for Megan's, too.

It's an incredible reminder of God's goodness and care to look at those "We don't yet know you and somehow we love you more than we can speak" photos and then hug the baby you have grown to know and still love just as much.