Thursday, November 01, 2007

National What Was I Thinking Month

Since I have a moment free while enjoying the peaceful sounds of my daughter screaming at her daddy's Grover voice, let me take this moment to take a foolish plunge: I will (attempt to) participate in National Blog Posting Month by posting every single day in November. Even if FunnyWriterMommy is too chicken/smart to take up the challenge. (Oh yes I did, RMM--you in now?)

Clearly I have been hitting the Halloween candy too hard. I am insane, or perhaps the word is irresponsible, to be taking this on while so behind on my work project that makes me want to gouge out my eyes, instead of dealing with the insurance papers I can't make sense of and the filing that doesn't fit in my stacking tray any more because it hasn't been filed since May, with diapers to change and pjs to put on and stories to read, with my mom coming for Thanksgiving, with carpet installers coming TOMORROW MORNING and not a coaster let alone a couch moved out of the living room, never mind what's covering the closet floor.

Oh well. I'm doing this one for me, because blogging might be something else on my to-do list, but it feels good once I've done it. And if it feels good, do it, right? (And if you can't be good, be careful.) I need to write to declutter my head, to use a creative brain muscle, to vent, to record, to remember. No one needs to read it, necessarily, to make it my oxygen. But oh, the high I'll get if you do . . .

So get your commenting fingers ready and let's see what kind of scintillating topics/crap I can come up with to fill the days!

"You seem to want to write, so write."
Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

"Shut up, Anne."


Chuck and Jenny said...

You're very brave! I briefly thought about doing NaBlPoMo, but went back to eating chocolate and drinking Diet Pepsi (they cancel each other out!)

RMMcDowell said...

ARGH! I failed by day one! That's worse than I do on my New Year's Resolutions!!

I have been too busy to carefully read your email challenge . . . but I shall try to meet you in your duel (beginning with day four). Do I need to blog substance if my mind is mush?