Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beast #92

It's Saturday. That means tomorrow is a religious day in our house: FOOTBALL DAY.

The Lions are 6-2 (about to be 7-2). Hop on the playoffs train now, if you're not already on The List. (Those on The List are not allowed to cheer for the Lions when they reach the Super Bowl, because these non-fans have made too many disparaging comments. We don't allow hypocritical bandwagoning once the dynasty has begun.)

This year I've been collecting photos of our team, especially the large and in charge #92 Shaun Rogers, acting out our favorite cheer, like this to start the season: RIP HIS HEAD OFF!

Those arms are scary.

This one, I love tiny Greise's face: "Mama!"

This one reminds me of the end of Bill Cosby's Fat Albert routine: "We give! He ain't fallin' on us!"

Oh, but this--THIS!--it does not get any better, or more exciting, or funnier, than this 360 pounds of grace:

Time to feed The Beast, football fans. You gotta feed The Beast. And give him oxygen.

Tune in next week to see how Kurt Warner looks with his head ripped off.


enor said...

haha, nice. you realize that Roy Williams should have been penalized for being on the field during the "feeding" portion of the Shaun Rogers rumble, right?

It's funny to me that he wasn't. He didn't even have his helmet on when he went out onto the field.

I love Roy.

Guruzilla said...

Thanks again for wailing on the Broncos! :D


~Hippie~ said...

What a sad day for Lions fans.
Let's just make sure that at this time next week, we're sitting at 7-3.