Friday, November 02, 2007

New Carpet = Less Fibers in Her Diet

Surely I have more important things to blog about, but carpet installation is the event of the day (and during NaBloPoMo, you gotta take all the easy ones you can). I spent the day at the store with Anna and then trapped upstairs with her, smelling hot glue and listening to The Rolling Stones and a humorously loud male grunting. I think what he really wanted to do was curse our spiral staircase. I know I have many a time.

This new carpet is made possible by a grant from the Family Members Pitying Your Living Conditions Foundation. It really is past due, since our old blue-gray granny carpet had previous-owner gerbil issues and our evil cat issues and long ago started getting loose loops torn up where the dog would scratch before laying down. Then they just started showing up all over and falling out in clumps. Like blue spaghetti. With dog hair parmesan. You guessed it, Anna finds these just delicious. Nothing like fishing a nice long wet string out of your baby's mouth to inspire home improvements. Nothing like "Baby girl, stop eating the carpet!" to make the neighbors wonder.

The high school senior known as Hippie came in with Mini-Me (well, I'm not the me) while Aaron was wrapping up TV and stereo wires. All the furniture except the TV was in the kitchen/dining area. Hippie looks around and says, "Something seems different. . . . New TV?" Bingo. We moved all the furniture into the kitchen so we could replace our working TV with an exact replica.

Oh Hippie, we love ya. And lest you all think I'm being to hard on him, he likes to make me feel dumb with fancy camera terms. Ones other than "point" and "shoot." I owed him a jab.

Spaghetti carpet

Mmmm . . . fiber(s).

Hallelujah, new carpet!

Helping Daddy screw the thingy back in

Something's different . . .

New configuration (in progress)

Trying it out

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Cat Hoemke said...

It looks good! Hope it wasn't too fumey for you. So many things to look forward to, especially baby, what is in your mouth?!

Mike and George say hi, btw. They totally remember your family. We got to see l+f last night because they were in town.