Friday, November 30, 2007


Today I got to do something I'd never done before. That's one way to look at it. Unfortunately, it wasn't anything remotely fun.

I went to in the Valley to see my doctor for a checkup, flu shot, and Hep B booster. I bet some of you can guess where this is headed--I am horrible with shots and blood draws. I've passed out at least four times in doctor's offices, although for the last couple years I've been doing well. I do better with someone talking to me to keep me distracted. Well, today I was on my own and the nurse was taking her sweet time between shots 1 and 2.

She had needle #2 in my arm and I could tell I was losing the battle against woozy. I told her I was getting really dizzy and she said to lie back. I remember going to lie back and then . . . dreaming about lying down, getting shots, and then other completely random dream stuff I don't remember. Suddenly I am looking up at my doctor's face and the nurse. Hello, hello, you're at a place called Vertigo.

That's bad enough, but hey, I'm an old pro at unconsciousness; I know that I'll feel better in a bit, eat my granola bar, and be on my merry way. Except that they tell me You had a seizure! What? Didn't I just pass out? Apparently I got all stiff, was shaking, and my eyes rolled back in my head. I guess it was more like 30 seconds than just a few. It did feel like an extra long nap...

Well, they didn't want me to leave without talking to a doctor/neurologist. They decided the fastest way was to send me over to the emergency room. And I think it must be a rule that I couldn't walk, so I got a freezing cold outdoor wheelchair ride. Then I got to sit in the ER waiting room alone and think about anything except those people who go in for a flu shot and find out they have a brain tumor. Then I got to sit in a room, talk to a nurse, and talk to a doctor.

Given my history of rolling blackouts and the fact that I knew I was losing consciousness as I did, they really didn't think I had actually had a seizure. With seizure disorders they hit with no warning, and I've never had anything at any time other than when facing needles. They said fainting with blood pressure drop can make the brain let things out so you may have seizure-like movements. Enough to scare a poor family practice nurse but not a real seizure. They decided to let me go without an EEG, although they said I could get one later if I wanted. But this time it had been probably an hour and half and the only ill effects I felt were hunger and a sensation that someone had been sticking needles in my arm. Did I mention I'm horrible with shots?

So Mommy's day of grocery store freedom didn't turn out quite as planned. I got home shortly before Aaron had to head down to school, with just enough time to snag a power nap (going into a deep sleep state is very tiring) while Anna napped and before we joined the Powder Puff fun freezing cold insanity.

Was your Friday more fun than mine? Not more eventful!


paige said...

super duper scary, batgirl! I'm glad it wasn't a real seizure--this sounded frightening enough. Be well!

Chuck and Jenny said...

Wendy, I have that exact same thing happen to me every time I throw up. Seriously, the woozy, the passing out, seizure like, not to mention the whole I'm-going-to-hurl feeling. I can't tell you how many bruises I've had from passing out in the bathroom. It has something to do with your vegal nerve. It is incredible freaky! 2 days after we got home from Ethiopia, we got the flu. There I was with a new baby, recovering from an unreal flight, and passing out every time I puked. Not fun!

Kendra said...

Seizures suck; I am glad yours was fake!

artsybetty said...

Interesting day, now I wish I would have called you to ask my perptual question of "anything new going on?"

I'm glad you're alright.
Next shot day, make sure you have had something to eat before you go in and bring a book (perhaps a picture book) so you can visually focus on something else, transport your anxiety.

The show was a success and I have two new friends, who are orthodox jews. Jeremy and I are going to go visit them soon and have an entirely kosher meal.

Call me,

RMMcDowell said...