Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday(ne) Update

Life ambles on at breakneck speed.

We had a nice family Friday. That's when Aaron's here puttering around on his day off and it just feels good to be home together. He handled a lot of what Anna needed all day too so I could get more work done. I've been doubled and tripled up on projects lately, but with well-spaced deadlines, which is nice because I can switch off when I start getting numb to one thing, whether it's formatting nightmares or lingo like hotness or randomly inserted irritating capitalization and hyphenation Like-This. (Rrrrrr! What is that? It makes me crazy just seeing it again!)

Saturday we played a few rounds of dominoes with friends and my total score was 4. Just 4. Unheard of. In a minor violation of No-Spend November, we bought some ice cream for the crew. Our friend Edge bought me a chocolate orange, nature's greatest food and all I want (a truckload of) for Christmas. (Okay, there's one other thing I want.)

Sunday: church, football . . . um, let's talk about something else.

I spent most of today doing things that needed doing immediately (clean bottles for the girl would be nice) and before my mom arrives Wednesday (turkey to thaw in fridge; bills; bathe the girl). Anna I will leave early Wednesday to meet her at the airport, and I have a sneaking suspicion Anna may have her first Target experience. Mmmm . . . . Target. No-Spend November, you have just met your match. And we were so doing so awesome kinda well.


Amy said...

Regarding the Dyson, my retired uncle now works his "dream job" of repairing vacuum cleaners and such for Sears. He said the Dyson vacs are the ones he sees the most of because of clogs and stuff wrapped around belts, etc. Do a LOT of research.
We thought it'd be great because of pets and allergies, but when Uncle presented us with a couple approximate repair bills (over a $200 each) we bought something else.
Oh, and my husband wants me to adopt your ways of No-Spend months. So a sarcastic thanks. :)

Karen said...

I love, love, love, love my purple Dyson and it's been used almost every single day over the last year (we're now down to three cats and one dog, but had one more of each when we bought it). We actually bought ours at Target right after Christmas, when we got a $50 gift card, which meant it was about 10% off (don't you love rationalizing like that!? :-)