Monday, November 12, 2007

Danger! Move (Your Things) to Higher Ground!

Thursday after Anna's breakfast I was making my own. I had put her down on her back in the living room. I heard her make a look-at-me! noise and looked up--she was standing up against the front of the couch. Ta-da!

She spend the rest of the day practicing pulling up, and now she has it thoroughly mastered and is starting to work on creeping sideways. She loves standing and "walking" with her hands held. Couch, chairs, tables, shelves, legs, you name it, she will stand against it.

Aha! There's that phone book I wanted to eat!

Her swing has found a new use as a pull-up device, although she also somehow got herself seated.

We've spent the last few days moving everything up, up, up higher. Including the animals. Poor kitty. Or as Anna calls her, "Kheeee!"


paige said...

How gorgeous Anna Jubilee is! It looks like her thigh rolls could compete with Astrid's. Hooray for new accomplishments!

~Hippie~ said...

Next up, putting ALL the trash behind the locked cupboards!
I wish you both the best of luck with her.
She's just about to go from handful to hellion.
Walking is the first step.
Enjoy the ride, there's no turning back now!


Cat Hoemke said...

She is getting so big! :)

funnily, we were just having a conversation about bookcases yesterday and how much time we have til pull ups start taking out Guru's theology collection. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, a new definition of 'higher ground' !! :) love, mom So very much fun!!

Kendra said...

Mobility! Now come new "levels" of fun.


Amy said...

Beware that "walking with her hands held" action. I don't think my back has recovered from Roman doing that for almost 2 months. He hated crawling, and preferred to have us at his beck and call to help with transportation. Come to think of it, that beck-and-call thing never ended either... :)